31. augusta 2015

Scrap around the world - august challenge

Hi folks!

here is my take on august challnge at Scrap around the world inspired by its mood board

Even though the dominant color on this mood board ist brown - beige -copper, i decided to use only blue colour. During the last two month i made some other layouts , which were more or less brown, or brown-blue and now i am a little bit tired and i wanted to do it in a different way.

It forced my creativity, i can tell you, it is not so easy to use only one color :) But it was very interesting process and i liked it very much!
At the beginning i created a 3D structure from paper strips, then i played with different color mediums and after those steps i used the modeling paste and a stencil.

Here you can see how i planed the next step - and another 3D layer. Between the backgorund and those blue strips there is also a white twine.

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