26. júla 2015

Every summer has a story


I`d like to present my take on the july challenge at 13@rts. I love the topic and i enjoyed working on it because it perfectly fits to my style and actually also to this season.

I am very sensitive to all summer experience,  memories and all the little things connected with vacation. I have two small kids and i am very happy to have this opportunity that i dont need to go to some office, or company and spend there the whole day. Far from it! I am woking on my own business, upgrading it exactly at this time and i am soooo happy being at home AND making some work which makes me happy AND being with my children. Their age - 2 and 3 years - is so wonderful, i can discover all those beauties of nature together with them. We go to the beach everytime we can and we collect small stuff like wood, stones, rounded pieces of colorful glass etc. etc.

That`s why this layout is so unique for me. I spent a lot of time just thinking about what i want to add. As always - i prefere to work with natural, real things rather than scrapbook embelishments. It makes more sense for me, it "forces"my creativity and it makes much more fun. I decided for  a very gently background in order to make the small goodies more visible. Paper from the 13@rts GOOD TIMES collection was the right thing to start with. Then Gesso, the first layer of light blue colour and then the second one (i zink pigment from aladine mixed with water). Two layers of brown colour, also very gently and after colouring the background one more layer of transparent medium. Then i used som traveler stamps and just touched the paper with coloured structure paste and stencils. And after this steps i moved forward to play with small  vacation memories - you can find there - some small shels, dried flowers, paper flower, a feather, an old metal button, my daughters hairslide (she lost the second one :), very tiny poppy heads i got from my mothers garden, wooden clothespin, cog wheel, dragonfly charm with broken wing and a little bottle. With the symbol of the doorknocker and the key i want to express, that memories are something what can not be stolen, they remain even when we are no more on some place we were/want to be. One has just to close the eyes and recall the feelings :)


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  1. Beautiful layout :) I love the way you make the composition around the pictures. Thanks for playing with 13arts' challenge

  2. Great work! Beautiful! Thanks for joining us at 13arts!♥